Master the fusion of martial arts & dance

The House of 5 Elements

Grow your possibilities as a professional dancer


Your performance expresses who you are.

Your dance tells a story that only you can tell.

Every day, you train and work hard to grow as a performer. Still, you yearn to find new ways of moving, new techniques, more ways to tell your story. Discover the roots of Chinese martial arts and the intricacies of Asian disciplines in one-on-one sessions.

Elena Lin dance workshop in Tanzquartier Vienna
Elena Lin dance workshop in Tanzquartier Vienna
Elena Lin dance workshop in Tanzquartier Vienna

I know that yearning to grow and find new ways to tell your story

In my quest for ways to express myself, I pursued my dance education across Europe for years. I studied classical ballet, contemporary dance, physical theater, acrobatics, African dance, and martial arts in Finland, Holland, Belgium, France, and Spain. I specialized in Chinese martial arts under the guidance of Sri Lankan Kung Fu master Ravi Chandrasiri.

For the past twenty years, I’ve refined my mastery of martial arts and dance through rigorous daily practice. And in doing that, I found a powerful fusion of techniques.

Make your performance stand out through martial arts. Discover a new rhythm and flow in your body.

How Martial Arts can make you a better contemporary dancer

The flow of movement in martial arts is highly attractive to any dancer. But there’s so much more to it. The beauty of movement is nourished by the principles of Chinese philosophy at the foundation of martial arts. Understanding these essential principles will enable you to see movement differently and enhance the flow of your body. They can help you grow as a dancer.

In the individual sessions, we can work on:

  • the way the body travels and turns in space in all directions and on all levels
  • observing and copying the movement in nature
  • learning the art of movement from animals
  • the art of breathing to find natural flow in the body
  • practicing the power of now, and being in the present moment
  • concentration, stillness, and mindfulness
  • purification of the senses
  • developing a state of alertness and grounding
  • practicing oneness and the union between mind and spirit
Elena Lin video dancefilm "Gate of The Trees"
Fish symbolism

The House of 5 Elements

Dancers often ask me about the name of this program.  Imagine your body as a house, a temple. Over the years, I’ve integrated the disciplines and techniques I learned into 5 elements based on Chinese philosophy and martial arts. Together, these elements move the house:

  • Chinese martial arts and Qi Gong
  • Four powerful breathing techniques
  • Elements of physical theater (archetypes)
  • Voice and movement expression/purification of the senses
  • Yin and Yang energy in body expression

Through my studies and daily practice, I found that my movements embody sounds that generate a specific energetic flow and vibration in the body. My mind rests in my body while I’m dancing. In this state of internal peace, the body becomes one with the space. And a whole world of possibilities in motion opens up.

Personalize the program

to fit your goals and skills as a dancer

No matter how well-versed and skilled you are as a dancer, getting into a new technique requires hard work. And a teacher who tailors these individual sessions to your specific skill-set and your goals.

Maybe you already have some background in martial arts. Or you’re looking for techniques to include in your next performance.

Let me know what you are working toward when you contact me. We can explore the possibilities in our free 30-minute conversation. And every individual session—whether you choose to start with one or a longer program—will help you get closer to your goals.

Challenge yourself

Taking on this program will give you a range of techniques to explore. Those, in turn, will allow you to express yourself in dance in ways you haven’t tried before in a unique fusion of martial arts, contemporary dance, and novel ways to manage your energy throughout your performance.

You’re looking for a new and exciting way to dance your story. I can help you create the program to get there. Let’s explore the limits of what you can accomplish.

During our initial conversation, we can talk about the techniques I integrate into the House of 5 Elements, including:

  • Chinese martial arts
  • Manipulation of sticks and other objects
  • Butoh dance
  • Elements of physical theater
  • Indian Kathak dance
  • Dance with water sleeves
  • African dance
  • Qi Gong
  • Body drumming
  • 4 powerful breathing techniques: breathing of wind, water, fire, and earth