Immerse yourself in a fusion of martial arts & contemporary dance

Grow your versatility as a professional performer

in personalized masterclasses.

I’m Elena Lin.


Professional performer. Choreographer.

Contemporary dancer specialized in Chinese martial arts.

现代  蹈演员  蹈编导

作品中多 入中国武术元素

For the past 20 years, I’ve integrated contemporary dance techniques, Chinese martial arts, and other Asian disciplines into a rigorous daily practice. My unique fusion of techniques led me to work with leading dance institutions like the Royal Academy of Ballet in Antwerp, the TicTac Art Center with David Zambrano in Brussels, Tanzhouse in Dusseldorf, Micadanses Dance studio in Paris, Marameo contemporary dance training studio in Berlin, the Contemporary dance school in Zimbabwe, Danscentrumsud in Malmö, Danshallerne in Copenhagen, CDSH – Contemporary Dance School in Hamburg, Tanzquartier in Vienna, and many others.

I have developed a methodology to work with professional performers in individual masterclasses, tailored to their unique goals. It’s been an incredible journey that brought me to a place where I get to coach talented dancers like you in their discovery of Chinese martial arts and ancient Asian disciplines in dance.

A fusion of techniques to grow your possibilities as a dancer

一些 你成为一个专业  的技巧

Your performance tells your story. The more you grow as a dancer, the more tools and techniques you master, the richer a story you can tell to your audience. In the program I designed for professional performers, the House of 5 Elements, I integrate unique techniques that fuse perfectly with contemporary dance:

  • Chinese martial arts
  • Manipulation of sticks and other objects
  • Butoh dance
  • Elements of physical theater
  • Indian Kathak dance
  • Dance with water sleeves
  • African dance
  • Qi Gong
  • Body drumming
  • 4 powerful breathing techniques: breathing of wind, water, fire, and earth

Whether you need one masterclass to focus on a specific aspect of your performance or you want a series of sessions, we can work together on achieving your personal goals as a dancer.

If you want to talk about how this program can help you grow your possibilities, let’s take 30 minutes for a no-strings-attached conversation.

“Workshops like Elena’s are rare. I think it’s the first one besides the more traditional dance classes I take that has opened me up, actually changed something in me.”

Olivia Bouis – professional contemporary dancer

“Elena Lin is hands down one of the most experienced, authentic, and trained people in qi gong, martial arts and dance in Europe. Elena has a unique organic mix of these practices and she is guiding you with her deep knowledge, experience, and intuition! She is a life mentor of the highest calibre! After only really one lesson, she totally changed my personal practice, I highly recommend Elena for self development in your art form !”

Todd Grube – yoga teacher and acupuncture practitioner

Elena Lin dance workshop in Tanzquartier Vienna